Clinton Management is a full service property management company providing comprehensive property management services for a broad property portfolio that currently consists of approximately 3,000 residential units, as well as commercial, retail and parking garages.

We recognize that successful property management requires attention to detail, sophisticated information analysis and exemplary residential services for our residents—each are critical to maintaining and increasing the value of our real
estate assets.

A history of exceptional service.

Clinton Management was founded in 2002 to manage the expanding portfolio of properties created by Douglaston Development and constructed by Levine Builders, our affiliated companies.

Under the leadership of Jeffrey Levine, these three companies function in unison in providing a level of efficiency and service unique in the real estate industry. We collectively work to develop, build and operate best-in-class properties, with a focus on mixed-used projects including both affordable and market-rate housing, community retail, hospitality, community facilities, and parking.

Our company’s history begins five decades ago when our founder, Jeffrey Levine, found his calling working in construction during the summer. Jeffrey cultivated the expertise behind our development, construction, and management companies during his college years, studying architecture at night and transforming neighborhoods site by site during the day.

The Douglaston Companies started with the founding of Levine Builders in 1979 with just two people.

Standing by our core values of integrity and ethics for the past four decades the firm has grown to 200 employees.

By providing general contracting and construction management services, Levine Builders has built, renovated and rehabilitated thousands of residential units and millions of square feet of commercial, hotel, office buildings, retail centers, religious, educational, and healthcare facilities. With the later establishment of Douglaston Development as the driving engine of the organization, the two companies worked in unison to leverage each other’s expertise to develop and build most complex projects while also growing and thriving in challenging markets.

In 2002, Clinton Management was founded to manage the expanding portfolio of developments created by Douglaston Development and constructed by Levine Builders. Clinton Management oversees a broad portfolio of moderate income housing, luxury apartments, commercial, and retail properties. Each affiliate company works together to cohesively acquire property, develop it to its full potential, and manage it efficiently, assuring that each investment achieves and maintains maximum value and profitability while strengthening the community in which the assets are located.

Douglaston Development’s passion for transforming communities has created a long track record of building some of New York City’s most exciting housing projects. Douglaston Development is committed to Jeffrey’s original vision: to revitalize and grow neighborhoods one building, one block, or one community at a time.

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