The Douglaston Companies

Douglaston Development, Levine Builders, and Clinton Management are a dynamic privately held group of companies with a unique “owner-builder-manager” advantage.

Douglaston Development

As the driving engine for The Douglaston Companies, Douglaston Development leverages the expertise of Levine Builders and Clinton Management in the early stages and throughout the development process to accomplish a clear vision for each project.

Douglaston Development fosters long-term relationships with lenders, equity partners and local agencies, in order to navigate complex regulatory environments while consistently meeting challenging timelines and budget parameters. A disciplined approach combined with the respect for local neighborhoods contributes to the company’s success in helping to build thriving communities.

Levine Builders

With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, Levine Builders is the founding pillar of The Douglaston Companies. From pre-construction and construction management to final commissioning and close out, Levine Builders’ expertise spans a complete range of construction management and general contracting services for a variety of development projects.

Additionally, Levine Builders approaches challenges and carries out responsibilities in an exacting and systematic way in order to consistently meet and exceed industry standards in construction and design execution.

The Douglaston Companies

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